Reality Site Design & Episode Based Layouts

No other site format has worked better, for more clients, than the reality site design.

Perhaps the most popular format for content presentation in the entire history of the adult internet – the ‘Reality Site Design’ or ‘Episode-Based’ layout is still king. We’ve built hundreds of them across many platforms, but we won’t bore you with all of them here; just a few of the more popular ones.

  • Lesbo Trick

    Lesbo Trick

    Another old school reality site design from 2003

  • Cock Holster

    Cock Holster

    Coming soon, in a mouth near you :) An episode based site design.

  • Gay Hitchhiker

    Gay Hitchhiker

    A cool template design for another gay reality site

  • Be The Mask

    Be The Mask

    Another wild reality style template design

  • Suck Me Bitch

    Suck Me Bitch

    Gritty and dirty style reality template site design

  • Man Hunter

    Man Hunter

    The original ManHunter site design for Silver Cash

  • Fart Hammer

    Fart Hammer

    The funniest site ever done by BangBros, or quite possibly any adult producer.

  • Backroom Facials

    Backroom Facials

    1st version website design of the original BangBros reality site.

  • Spring Break Spy Cam

    Spring Break Spy Cam

    Another early BangBros adult website design from 2003

  • Mom's Anal Adventure

    Mom’s Anal Adventure

    Website design for BangBros early line of reality sites.

  • Bimbos In Limos

    Bimbos In Limos

    Old school website design for a pick-up style reality site

  • Now Hiring Sluts

    Now Hiring Sluts

    A simple and primitive episode based tour from way back in 2001