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FACT: Computer repairs may put you at risk!
    A computer technician who believes he’s seen obscene or illegal material on your computer can report you. Even if untrue, you could be subjected to a stressful and traumatic investigation. Since it’s possible to store compromising images on your computer without actually viewing them, you may not be aware of potential risks you face.

  FACT: Securing your privacy requires a plan.
    Your computer stores activity records in many different locations. Deleting your cache and clearing your history won’t remove everything. File downloads, visited websites, and executed programs are all remembered. Therefore, without special training, it’s difficult to reliably maintain your privacy. Professional privacy software, along with its consistent, conscientious use, can form the basis of a comprehensive privacy plan. You no longer need to be a computer expert to protect yourself.

  FACT: Your passwords may be vulnerable.
    Pictures and text are stored in your temporary Internet files. They are also concealed in special data files on your computer. For example, Windows Media Player keeps a recorded list of data for all movies and video that you view. This is just one of many obscure storage areas that you may not know about.

  FACT: Secret files are not another “urban legend.”
    Either by accident, or otherwise, an unauthorized person could sit at your computer, retrieve your passwords, and in the same afternoon read your personal emails, view your bank records, or worse. It’s not enough that you’ve picked difficult-to-guess passwords if they can be recalled with a minimum of effort.

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HistoryShredder™ is a comprehensive privacy solution. Enjoy your right to privacy and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your computer history is safe. HistoryShredder™ uses a redundant, three-part process to ensure that all records of your internet activity are removed. It corrupts, overwrites and then deletes all recorded data of your surfing and computing history.
» Windows Operating System «
 • Registry Stream MRU (all streams)
 • Windows Clipboard Memory
 • Windows Media Player History List
 • Unwanted files in My Documents folder
 • Windows Recycle Bin
 • Windows Temporary Folders
 • Windows System Swap Files
 • File & Application History Lists
 • Windows Application Logs

 • Recent Documents List (manually or     automatically at each shutdown)
 • Disable Run from Start Menu
 • Run History
 • Start Menu Order History
 • Start Menu Click History
 • Find Files History

 • Outlook Express Mail History
 • Netscape Mail History

» I.E. & Netscape Browsers «
 • URL List from IE Address Bar
 • Disable Internet Options
 • URL History Files
 • Temporary Internet Files
 • AutoComplete Form Fields & Passwords
 • Prevent Changing of HomePage
 • Erases 'index.dat' files
 • Erases favorites URL's
 • Erases Cookies (with customizable keep     list manager and 'safe' URL's)
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